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2016 Year in Review; 2017 Outlook

In 2017, we will continue to focus on the areas of most importance for employers not only in the Rocky Mountain region, but across the country as well.  In 2017, we anticipate that some of the key areas impacting employers will include: The Trump Administration’s relaxing of regulations on employers; The Supreme Court ruling on whether arbitration agreements can include class action waivers; likely increases to the minimum wage; and further guidance regarding LGBT protections under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The following is a list of some of the key topics and events that affected employers in 2016 and links to relevant Rocky Mountain Employer articles:

The DOL Overtime Rule is Finalized, but Enjoined by Federal District Court

DOL to Set White-Collar Exemption Salary at $47,476

DOL Overtime Rule: Hope for the Best; Prepare for the Worst

DOL Update: Persuader Rule Blocked; Ruling on Injunction to Prevent December 1, 2016 Overtime Rule Nears

Federal Judge Grants Preliminary Injunction Temporarily Enjoining DOL's December 1, 2016 Overtime Rule

Election Results Likely to Greatly Affect Employers

Employers Should Prepare For an Increase in Federal Minimum Wage, Regardless of Who Becomes President

Colorado Election Update: Employers Will See Increased Minimum Wage; ColoradoCare Initiative Fails

President-Elect Trump's Pick for Labor Secretary Likely Signals Significant Change to Obama Administration Labor Policy

Social Media’s Impact on Employers

Employers May Need to Revisit Productivity Policies This Summer In Light of "Pokémon Go" and Other Potential Distractions

DOL Seeks Information on Employee After Hour Usage of Smart Phones

Federal Lawsuit Highlights Issues Employers May Face Due To Growth in Social Media Usage in the Workplace

Pro-Union National Labor Relations Board Rulings

NLRB General Counsel Seeks to Further Limit Employers' Right to Unilaterally Withdraw Union Recognition

NLRB Decision Limits Employers' Right to Hire Permanent Replacements During Economic Strikes

NLRB Decision Highlights Difficulty Staffing Agencies and Franchisees Will Face When Defending Joint Employer Claims Under Browning-Ferris Test

Employers Risk Expanded Damage Awards in NLRB Unfair Labor Practice Cases After NLRB Changes Method of Calculating Backpay

The EEOC’s Push to Include Sexual Orientation as a Title VII Protection

Push to Amend Title VII to Protect Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Resurfaces Following Orlando Shooting

EEOC's Push to Include Sexual Orientation As A Title VII Protection

Federal Appeals Court Rejects EEOC's Push to Include Sexual Orientation as a Title VII Protection

The Fight for $15

The Fight for $15's Impact on Colorado Employers

The Fight for $15: More Than Just Raising Minimum Wage

As 2016 winds to a close, Campbell Litigation would like to thank all of our blog subscribers and readers and wish you a Happy New Year.