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Federal Update: Puzder Withdraws - Acosta Nominated; and Congress Likely to Consider Minimum Wage and Joint Employer Liability Legislation

President Trump’s announcement of a new Department of Labor (“DOL”) Secretary pick, and statements from the Chairman of the Congressional Workforce Protections Subcommittee (the “WP Subcommittee”)[1] about possible legislation, are setting the stage for changes in employment and labor policy in the Trump administration.

Acosta the New DOL Secretary Nominee

On February 15, 2017, President Donald Trump’s Department of Labor (“DOL”) controversial Secretary nominee, fast-food chain CEO Andrew Puzder, withdrew his name from consideration, presumably because Puzder’s Senate confirmation appeared questionable following reports about hiring of an undocumented worker, his personal life, and his pro-immigration stance.[2]  President Trump’s pick to replace Puzder as DOL secretary, Alexander Acosta, is well-versed in employment and labor law issues, and is considered a “traditional Republican conservative.”[3]  Acosta served under President George W. Bush as both an assistant attorney general for the Civil Rights Division, and a member of the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”).  He presently is the dean at Florida International University College of Law.[4]    

With significant government experience and having already been through the Senate confirmation process three times for previous roles,[5] it is likely that the Senate will confirm Acosta’s nomination.  If confirmed, Acosta would be the first Hispanic in President Trump’s cabinet.[6] 

Congress likely to consider minimum wage and joint employer liability

On February 16, 2017, the WP Subcommittee signaled that Congress will likely consider the issues of minimum wage and joint employer liability during the current legislative session.[7]  Representative Bradley Byrne (R–AL)—Chairman of the WP Subcommittee—stated that he expects the WP Subcommittee will consider minimum wage and joint employer liability legislation during the current legislative session.[8]  Although he did not provide specifics on what such legislation would look like, Byrne, an outspoken critic of the Obama administration, stated that the Republican-controlled Congress will advance an agenda to reduce regulations and legislation that limit job creation.[9]  Such an agenda would complement President Trump’s recent executive order requiring federal agencies to eliminate two regulations for every new regulation they implement (see related article).

Campbell Litigation will continue to track these developments and report back when further updates are available.


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