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Labor & Employment Law Updates

Stacey Campbell Appointed Co-Chair of NAMWOLF Labor & Employment Law PAC

    Campbell Litigation is proud to announce that Stacey Campbell has been appointed as a Co-Chair of the Labor and Employment Law Practice Area Committee (L&E PAC) for the National Association of Minority & Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF). Mr. Campbell will serve in this role for the next two years.

    Founded in 2001, NAMWOLF, is a nonprofit trade association comprised of minority and women-owned law firms and other interested parties throughout the United States. NAMWOLF’s mission is to promote diversity in the legal profession by furthering relationships among minority and women owned law firms and private and public entities. The L&E PAC is a national network of highly skilled minority and women-owned law firms with reputations for excellence as well as significant expertise representing employers in labor and employment matters. Through the L&E PAC, NAMWOLF brings together law firms and major employers to create mutually beneficial partnerships, develop cost effective workplace solutions, provide effective legal defense and achieve dispute resolution.

    Campbell Litigation is certified by NAMWOLF and utilizes the NAMWOLF national network of law Firms to continue the Firm’s national representation of its clients. As an L&E PAC Co-Chair, one of Mr. Campbell’s objectives is to focus on developing better collaboration among NAMWOLF L&E law firms across the country by developing a NAMWOLF collaboration program where NAMWOLF L&E firms collaborate to create a “one-stop shop” experience for NAMWOLF In-house counsel who desire such a relationship. The NAMWOLF Collaboration program would provide companies the “one-stop shop” approach, while also allowing them to enhance their diversity and inclusion initiatives, by using NAMWOLF law firms for their L&E litigation coverage nationwide.