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Task Force Begins Analysis of Colorado Paid Family and Medical Leave Program

A thirteen-member task force appointed by Colorado’s Governor and legislative leaders has begun efforts to study the implementation of a paid family and medical leave program in Colorado.FN1 Stacey Campbell of Campbell Litigation sits on the Family and Medical Leave Task Force and will serve as Vice-Chair.

            For years, Democratic lawmakers in Colorado have tried to implement a comprehensive paid family and medical leave program similar to those in several other states and in Washington, D.C.FN2  At the close of the 2019 legislative session, lawmakers passed a paid family-and-medical leave (“FAMLI”) study bill requiring an appointed task force to analyze the costs and administration of a paid leave program for all employees in Colorado, take public comments, and make a final recommendation for a FAMLI program by the start of the 2020 legislative session.FN3

            Given the current makeup of the Colorado legislature and the importance of a paid leave bill to Democratic lawmakers, we fully expect the FAMLI bill will pass in 2020. The task force will play a key role in shaping such a bill, and employers are encouraged to submit public comments when the comment period opens. The Rocky Mountain Employer will keep you posted.


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